The Benefits of Writing Contests

In the past year, I gained courage to enter a few writing contests. I was intimidated at first, but realized writing contests are not meant to intimidate a person. On the contrary, writing contests open doors. It’s a platform for writers seeking opportunities, advice and recognition.

A few weeks back, I wrote a post called Are Writing Contests Worth While? based on a conversation I had with someone on Facebook. I briefly touched on why contests are worth it, but I want to expand a little more on the topic.

Win or lose, writing contests are beneficial. And here is why:

1-Recognition.  You win. Your work has been published for the world to see. Chances are you will gain access to interacting with agents, editors, etc. (depending on the contest). Exposure is at your fingertips. Do not forget to include your winnings on your resume.

2-Perfecting your craft. The more you enter contests, the better you will become at formulating ideas and developing your writing skills. With each contest, your fountain of creativity will evolve into something massive.

3-Feedback. If you do not win and an editorial team happens to provide you with constructive criticism, accept it with an open-mind. Do not dismiss what they have to say. Many dislike losing and very less like to receive feedback. The feedback can be harsh. However, commentaries are always good because you will have a clear picture of what needs to be done – what you should avoid and what you should embrace.

Obviously, we all have heard of the expression of Practice Makes Perfect. Well, I say Writing Contests Makes Perfect. The more you enter writing contests, the better you will become at your craft. And since each contest varies in requirements, you’ll enhance your writing skills while learning new ones.

A Missing Blog Post

After spending a significant amount of time last night writing and publishing a blog post on the benefits of writing contests, the post is gone. I am clueless on how a blog post can just disappear. I’m annoyed.

Later on today, I will resubmit the post. Let’s see if the post doesn’t vanish again.

Stay tune for The Benefits of Writing Contests.

My Article on Fox NY

I was surprised (and excited of course) to see my article posted on the Fox New York news website.



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