The 2015 Tony Awards Sparks Inspiration

What a wonderful evening I had at the 69th Annual Tony Awards which took place at Radio City Music Hall!

It was a honor sitting in the same room with incredible talent from the actors to the directors to the costume designers. I believe everyone involved in a production should be recognized for his or her contribution. Putting productions together are far from easy. Nevertheless, they make it look smooth and flawless. Their passion and love for their work shines bright.

Attending last night’s Tony Awards and surrounding myself with energy and talent in the area of my dreams has simply inspired me to push forward with my writing. And more so with my very first play.

Last night Alex Sharp –  Christopher in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time – won Best Actor in a play. Same time last year, he received his degree from Juilliard and last night he held his first Tony Award! He was thankful that he was given a chance though he had a “blank sumé.” He followed his dream – and someone believed in him.

Follow your dreams. Remember it only takes one person to believe in you. When that happens, your dreams will see the light of day. ;)

The Broadway Enthusiast

This afternoon was fantastic. I had the pleasure of meeting the brilliant and talented cast of Finding Neverland The Musical. Everyone was gracious. I cannot wait for the Tony Awards so I can see these wonderful actors live once again. (continue reading)…

Rock of Ages and The Mother F**cker with the Hat

wm rock of ages

My favorite Broadway musical thus far. I saw this show a couple of years ago, and immediately fell in love. The entire cast, including Dee Snider, were amazing.  I personally enjoyed the interaction the cast had with the audience. They made us feel as part of the story, or actually the party. The entire show was riveting. I prefer the musical over the movie, but heck that’s just me.

wm mfwah

This was definitely a show like no other I have ever seen, and I’ve seen several. This show was over the edge in my eyes. Raunchy is the best word to describe The Motherf**ker with the Hat. Chris Rock, Bobby Cannavale, Yul Vázquez, Elizabeth Rodriguez, and Annabella Sciorra all starred.

I never forget my initial reaction. I was taken back with the language and hardcore portrayals of cheating, doing drugs, prison, guns, shooting, etc. that my sister had to ask me if I was okay. Ha ha. I never heard so many filthy words under one roof before or sat through a strong, heavy-duty  play.

Nevertheless, I warmed up to it and within the first half hour, I was completely drawn in. I was impressed that someone on Broadway had nerve enough to write and bring such a strong topic (which does exist in our world) to Broadway and have amazing actors play it out on stage. Everyone did a fantastic job. The show itself was wonderful. This playbill is going under the most memorable wall (along with Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway; his one Man Show). ;)

Meeting Bret Michaels and Favorite Book Signings


One of my most memorable moments: meeting Bret Michaels


My husband and I were organizing our bookshelves this afternoon, and I came across a couple of books from celebrity book signings I attended. These books are on my top list of favorite reads.

Here is a (blurry) picture of rap artist Prodigy and I. Back when I was in high school, I used to listen to Mobb Deep. Their music was very popular among my friends and I. In one day, I read his autobiography. It was intense, raw and honest. It is definitely a must read.

wmprodugy prodigy book


Over a year ago, I met LaToya Jackson. She was warm, gentle, soft-spoken and absolutely charming. Her book was filled with both painful and positive moments. I was on a roller coaster ride. I began reading it at Barnes and Noble while waiting for her to arrive and finished it on the bus ride home. I truly enjoyed her story from beginning to end.

wmlatoya book wmlaytoya