Potential Writing Material – Courtesy of the Doctor’s Office

Many of us – if not all – dread doctor’s appointments. I dread it because I am afraid of receiving bad news. I get panicky and my heart begins to race. I felt that way a few weeks ago when I headed to an appointment. As soon as I arrived, registered and sat down in the waiting room, the feeling dissipated. Let’s just say the people in the waiting area were very entertaining.

As I exercised the observer in me, I started to develop story lines for the patients sitting there. There was a primp and proper man looking down at us little people who shared the waiting area with him. He was rude and condescending with one of the receptionists. He pulled an available chair from its place and isolated himself in a corner. Then there was a child – no more than eleven – chatting away on her cell phone discussing her boyfriends and making out – in front of her parents. What?! Then there was a man snoring his heart out; a man harassing another receptionist because the doctor was taking too long; and a man shouting on the phone that he needs his medical records asap or else. Another man was talking to himself and waving his hands in the air. A lady constantly dropped her eyeglass case on the wooden floor causing an uproarious sound. There was also a middle-aged couple going up and down the elevator unclear of their destination. I mean there was so much going on that I forgot I was in a doctor’s office.

I have not had the time to jot down everything that happened that day on paper, but I plan on doing so. Maybe something will brew from the doctor’s office experience. Either that or I can use a few things in my next novel. Some situations were comical. I am not a comedian, but it’s worth giving it a shot. I swear that inspiration comes from all places and from all types of people.